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Agriom is actively involved in Hydrangea Breeders Association, a specialist in breeding cutflower Hydrangeas. This has resulted in the Royal series: amongst others Royal Parade, Royal King and Royal Benefit. For the equatorial production regions like Kenya and Colombia a specific breeding line has been set up. Selections are tested under local circumstances to meet the climatological demands. You might know our varieties Ice Age, Force, Veronica, Bianca and Dream.


Our breeding objectives and selection criteria highly depend on the area of production, but typical characteristics are easy flower induction, productivity, stem length, vase life and attractive colouration at the antique stage.

Our special breeding line for tropical production areas induces flowers on new shoots as opposed to the traditional 1 year wood. A cold period is not required anymore. These plants produce flowering stems continuously.


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We are also happy to welcome you at our test location at the greenhouses of Agriom in De Kwakel (the Netherlands).



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