Agriom specialises in breeding plant varieties for the production of floriculture and soft fruit crops.

Agriom is a specialist breeding company in the Dutch town of De Kwakel, home of seven joint-venture companies, each of which excels in activities involving a specific crop. These companies are subsidiaries (most of which have internationally operating or foreign shareholders) which were established to promote the identity of their previously successful breeding efforts in the market in which each subsidiary operates. These shareholders are excellent companies with leading positions in the global market. Agriom participates in each of these joint ventures.

Together with its partners, Agriom follows the global developments in the floriculture and fruit production sectors. Responding to changing market demands regarding product characteristics or colours involves a continuous process of development and selection.

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In addition to breeding activities implemented within the joint-venture companies, Agriom conducts breeding and research activities for other propagation and/or production companies and provides them with assistance regarding their breeding operations.

This assistance can range from consulting services to the complete design and implementation of a breeding project. Agriom also conducts breeding-related research.


The breeding operations at Agriom are based on traditional methods of plant breeding. By making the best possible use of the natural genetic variation existing in every plant, it is quite possible to arrive at improvements in the assortment. The result is a generation of varieties displaying better production characteristics and a superior quality. Our programme complies completely with the registration requirements stipulated in the Nagoya Protocol.

The objective, development and implementation of a breeding programme are established in close consultation with the customer. Agriom’s international network and knowledge of both the Dutch and foreign markets are the basis of success in the introduction of new varieties.

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Agrioms breeding activities are housed in a fully equipped 2 hectare greenhouse facility. The consumer value of the products can be tested under specific conditions in a vase life testing facility. Agriom also has special areas for disease-resistance testing and a tissue culture laboratory that enables the rapid propagation of new products when necessary. It can also be used for other activities to support plant breeding such as mutagenesis, the production of virus-free plants, ploidy modification and embryo rescue.

5 - 7 June 2019IFTEX, Nairobi, KenyaWAC (roses)
11-14 June 2019FlowerTrials,
Agriom, De Kwakel
Agriom, hydrangea, kalanchoe, pot roses, mandevilla


Agriom provides expertise in a wide range of areas including breeding, consulting, research and positioning of concepts.


Agriom’s extensive practical experience with many floriculture and soft fruit crops combined with access to academic expertise enables us to develop and execute both small and large-scaled breeding programmes for many crops.


Due to our extensive network of distributors and partners worldwide Agriom keeps a close eye on international trends and developments. By adapting our breeding targets and selection criteria we are able to act and react accordingly. We optimise the productline as well as sales opportunities overseas.


Agriom is your ideal partner for assisting in the start-up of a new breeding programme. Our extensive knowledge of subsidy opportunities enables a quick-scan for financial support. Professional consultants guide the various steps during the process towards the desired start of your programme.


Agriom houses facilities needed to conduct various kinds of research related to the needs of the floriculture sector. These could range from testing consumer value to literature reviews. Our close contacts and cooperation with various research institutes ensures we are up to date with the latest techniques.


Ever since beginning its breeding activities in 1985, Agriom and its partners have been successful in developing varieties for the production of floriculture and soft fruit crops.


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The Agriom team will be pleased to welcome you.

A4 Amsterdam – Den Haag: take the Aalsmeer (N201) exit.
Take the N201 towards Aalsmeer, follow the ring road around Aalsmeer, go through the Waterwolftunnel, and then follow the N201 to its intersection with the N231 (Legmeerdijk). Turn right towards Kudelstaart. Follow the N231 for about 4.5 km until you reach a location 100 m after the BP petrol station. Turn right and then left onto: Achterweg. After 1 km on the right hand.

A2 Utrecht – Amsterdam: take the Vinkeveen (N201) exit.
Follow the N201 towards Vinkeveen past Mijdrecht, turn left at Amstelhoek onto the N196, drive through Uithoorn until you get to the intersection with the N231. Turn left towards Kudelstaart. Follow the N231 for about 2.5 km until you reach a location 100 m after the BP petrol station. Turn right and then left onto: Achterweg. After 1 km on the right hand.


News from Agriom and its partners.


De Kwakel, June 2019 -During the FlowerTrials® 2019 our doors are open for you. We present the newest developments in breeding Hydrangea, Mandevilla, Kalanchoe and pot roses and various pot and garden plants.
Take a glimpse at the test location of our cut flower hydrangeas.
Welcome at our showhouse and greenhouses at Achterweg 58a in De Kwakel.

11-14 June 2019

08:00-18:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

08:00-21.00 Thursday Hydrangea Night (on invitation)

08:00-16:00 Friday

For more information and online registration: www.flowertrials.com

Are you a hydrangea grower and interested in attending Hydrangea Night? Please contact Jan ten Brinke (+31 6 5582 6262) or send your request to info@hydrangeabreeders.nl


De Kwakel, May 2019 – A cheerful, sunny picture from our HBA trial siteat Agriom in De Kwakel. The new Royal cut flower hydrangea varieties and selections are now growing fast, the first selections are already flowering! We therefore warmly invite growers of cut flower hydrangeas to take a look at Achterweg 54 in De Kwakel in the coming period, where the complete HBA Royal cut flower assortment and various promising selections can be viewed.

Make an appointment with: Jan ten Brinke (+31 6 5582 6262) or Erik van Rossum (+31 6 2671 5293)


De Kwakel, May 2019 – Nursery De Wintertuin in De Lier handed over sales of their bougainvillea cuttings to Agriom in De Kwakel. The two Dutch companies have been working together for years. Together they developed a number of new bougainvillea varieties through mutation breeding.

De Wintertuin grows seven different colours of bougainvillea (AA Collection) as a final product and as cuttings on their 3-hectare site in De Lier. “We got to know Frans and Wouter van den Bos, father and son, as very skilled pot plant growers”, Jaap Stelder, director at Agriom, says. “The starting material that De Wintertuin delivers is excellent.”

Bougainvillea is a niche crop, a product that requires additional skills from the growers. Frans van den Bos has years of experience and a wealth of cultivation knowledge. “By linking his knowledge to our sales contacts, we think that we can offer growers, who want to start with bougainvillea, added value”, Stelder continues.

Orchard Park Growers in Ontario, Canada, planted bougainvillea cuttings from De Wintertuin for the first time a year ago. Frans and Wouter van den Bos offer the Canadian grower advice about the cultivation, while pot plant specialist Jan ten Brinke of Agriom offers guidance. “Everyone is happy about the cooperation”, Stelder adds.

Agriom does not only sell bougainvillea from De Wintertuin to Canada or the United States. “Our sales market is global. In the tropical belt, bougainvillea is a large, attractive product. That is where we also see opportunities.”

Agriom offers the bougainvillea selections from De Wintertuin at their location in De Kwakel during the Flower Trials from 11 to 14 June. Interested parties can contact Agriom and arrange an appointment to visit nursery De Wintertuin.

More info, see Bougainvillea or contact Jaap Stelder, jaap.stelder@agriom.nl , +31 6 5140 8341

Photo: De Wintertuin