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Symphoricarpos is known as snowberry, a popular shrub. Floribreed (, the joint venture between Agriom and Jan de Jong, breeds and selects this shrub in an array of colours and natural harvesting periods, allowing a nice spread of supply to the market. The selections are made in cooperation with Kolster BV who is also the distributor of this product. Our varieties are known and sold under the trademark Magical.


The stems have a beautiful coverage with berries, and are hardly known to be shredding.  Other selection criteria of our series are of course quality of the berries during the postharvest process and after transport. Same for the fresh leaves of course . Our breeding and selection process for the time being is focussed on production in a moderate climate. And extension of the harvesting period to the three autumn months.


Apart from the originally white snowberry we have availability of cream coloured, green, pink, purple and red varieties.


The snowberry varieties for cut flower production are being distributed under the brand name ‘Magical’ by Kolster BV at Boskoop, the Netherlands. For more info, go to: