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The close cooperation between Agriom and leading plant producers in Europe has led to the opportunity of offering some stunning Zamioculcas specialties!

Zamioculcas ‘Supernova’ is characterised by very dark green/black leaves after maturing of the new feathers. A colourful display of changing colours during the year!

Zamioculcas ‘Midori’ is a stunning new variety; dark green, compact like a mid-size Zamio, round leaf combined with a strong and elegant upright growth. No sloppy stems. Suitable for 15-19 cm pot size.

Zamioculcas ‘Black Beauty’ is a showstopper! All Black is the right description for this new Zamio. Very, very dark leafs throughout the year. Only the very young feathers show a pale green striking difference with the existing stems. We are still bulking up from the first couple of plants, but plantmaterial will be available soon in limited numbers.


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