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De Kwakel, February 2022 – Breeding company Agriom in De Kwakel has expanded its laboratory facilities. Among other things, the tissue culture lab has been greatly increased in surface area. “We can now meet the strong growth of customers’’, says director Jaap Stelder.

The growth of the tissue culture lab is the result of the breeding activities that Agriom has developed in recent years in soft fruit (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry). ,,Increasing the capacity was necessary to support both breeding and the desired growth in propagation’’, explains Stelder. ,,We use a multi-layered cultivation system to maximise the use of space. Because we work with multiple cells, it is possible to adjust the temperature per crop.’’

Agriom has been active for many years in the breeding of succulents, flowering pot plants, cut flowers and soft fruit. The company in De Kwakel enters into partnerships with market parties that want to achieve rapid results with their breeding processes. In addition, Agriom is one of the few companies that offers breeding as a service to interested parties.

Stelder emphasizes that Agriom is an independent breeder. “We have all the facilities in-house to develop new crops. That makes us a reliable breeding partner.” In addition to fundamental research in the field of tissue culture propagation and the maintenance of Elite material, we regularly make our own selections free of viruses.

Agriom combines the laboratory facilities with a large greenhouse area for the cultivation of crops. Stelder: ,,In small departments we can control the climate in a crop-oriented manner. This means that we can deal with a very diverse number of crops.”