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De Kwakel, April 2022 – Nursery De Wintertuin in De Lier and Agriom in De Kwakel work together to develop new bougainvillea varieties like Renate (purple), Jolanda (pink) and Fire Ball (bright orange). These varieties grow very well in Northern-European climate conditions.

Bougainvillea is a niche crop, a product that requires additional skills from the growers. ,,We got to know Frans and Wouter van den Bos, father and son, as very skilled plant growers”, says Jaap Stelder, director of Agriom. ,,The starting material that De Wintertuin delivers is excellent. By linking the knowledge of Frans and Wouter to our breeding and sales expertise, we can offer growers who want to start with bougainvillea added value.”

Watch the video on our youtube-channel to gain more information.

Agriom shows the bougainvillea selections of De Wintertuin at the Agriom location in De Kwakel during the Flower Trials from June 14-17 2022. Please register online to visit us or contact Jaap Stelder: +31 6 514 0831 /