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De Kwakel, May 2019 – Nursery De Wintertuin in De Lier handed over sales of their bougainvillea cuttings to Agriom in De Kwakel. The two Dutch companies have been working together for years. Together they developed a number of new bougainvillea varieties through mutation breeding.

De Wintertuin grows seven different colours of bougainvillea (AA Collection) as a final product and as cuttings on their 3-hectare site in De Lier. “We got to know Frans and Wouter van den Bos, father and son, as very skilled pot plant growers”, Jaap Stelder, director at Agriom, says. “The starting material that De Wintertuin delivers is excellent.”

Bougainvillea is a niche crop, a product that requires additional skills from the growers. Frans van den Bos has years of experience and a wealth of cultivation knowledge. “By linking his knowledge to our sales contacts, we think that we can offer growers, who want to start with bougainvillea, added value”, Stelder continues.

Orchard Park Growers in Ontario, Canada, planted bougainvillea cuttings from De Wintertuin for the first time a year ago. Frans and Wouter van den Bos offer the Canadian grower advice about the cultivation, while pot plant specialist Jan ten Brinke of Agriom offers guidance. “Everyone is happy about the cooperation”, Stelder adds.

Agriom does not only sell bougainvillea from De Wintertuin to Canada or the United States. “Our sales market is global. In the tropical belt, bougainvillea is a large, attractive product. That is where we also see opportunities.”

Agriom offers the bougainvillea selections from De Wintertuin at their location in De Kwakel during the Flower Trials from 11 to 14 June. Interested parties can contact Agriom and arrange an appointment to visit nursery De Wintertuin.

More info, see Bougainvillea or contact Jaap Stelder, , +31 6 5140 8341

Photo: De Wintertuin