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De Kwakel, May 2024 – In april the Summerstar Mandevillas (or Dipladenia as they are also called) at Fernlea are ready for transport. In spring 150 trucks per day will travel from Florida to wholesalers all across the US.

Fernlea collaborates with Viveros in Mexico for this endeavor. ‘The rooted tissue culture plants that we supply are used by Viveros to produce mother plants for cuttings. This process takes two years,’ explains Jaap Stelder from Mandevilla Breeders Association (MBA). ‘After that, the cuttings are rooted in Canada and transported to Florida. In Florida the plants are further cultivated into plants suitable for sale.

The defining features of MBA’s Mandevillas are their ease of cultivation, the large amount of flowers, the upright flowerheads and early blooming. Jaap Stelder: ‘Our plants bloom easily. This allows Fernlea to supply mandevillas early in the year to the Southern states of the US.’

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