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Mid October Agriom and the participants in “The Hibiscus Group” visited Southern Italy to monitor the progress of Agrioms climate specific breeding program. In Latina at Piante Keicher the trials and latest selections were the focus of this group of Hibiscus specialists. Acknowledging the differences in climate requirements, Agriom has created a line of varieties for the Southern European growers. Piante Keicher, participant in “The Hibiscus Group”, is the stepping stone for Southern European growers to obtain and try the new selections.

“The Hibiscus Group” consists of primarily Dutch producers of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. In cooperation with Agriom a breeding program was launched to cater for their specific needs. Growth characteristics and consumer value were prime objectives. The additional focus on climate specific plant habits has made the Hibiscus Sunny Cities assortment become particularly interesting for production in Mediterranean regions. Varieties specifically bred for the warmer environments are Funchal, Sorrento, Sabaudia and Premiere, as well as Lucca, Torino and San Remo Improved.

Photo above: The new Sunny Cities varieties
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