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De Kwakel, June 2021 – HBA’s cut hydrangea varieties are perfectly suited for producing flowers on old wood, making it possible to market flowers as early as March/April. This is apparent from the old wood trial that HBA conducted this spring.

For the old wood trial, HBA grew a number of cut hydrangea varieties (including Royal Parade, Royal Palace, Royal King, Royal Wedding) on ​​old wood from the end of January in a heated greenhouse (17ᵒC). At the same time, these varieties were grown frost-free in an unheated greenhouse. The aim of the trial was to test whether the plants in the heated greenhouse developed beautiful flowers on old wood. Growers can then supply these cut hydrangeas to the market in March/April.

The video that HBA made of the trial shows how the different varieties developed in the heated and the non-heated greenhouse. The colors of the flowers on old wood from, for example, Royal Parade from the heated greenhouse are already moving towards classic in week 21. While the flowers on old wood of this variety in the non-heated greenhouse in week 21 are just about ready to harvest. You can also see that fresh shoots are growing on old wood between the flowers of Royal Parade in the non-heated greenhouse. These fresh shoots are not ready to harvest until later in the season.

Watch the video of the old wood trial:

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