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De Kwakel, August 2021 – Since corona, consumers pay more attention to a greener living environment. This is also reflected in the interest in Veronica, notes Jaap Stelder of breeder Agriom. “There is a sharply increasing demand not only in Europe, also in America.” The company in De Kwakel is currently conducting clone tests with the crop. The Veronica selection of Agriom consists of plants with a short cultivation period that are also hardy.

“We select plants that branch well, remain compact, have a good shelf life and have intense flower colors,” explains Jaap Stelder while showing the colorful clone trials at Agriom’s location in De Kwakel. “The fact that the varieties develop flowers without a cold period and continue to bloom in the summer naturally increases consumer appreciation. Our varieties will also flower excellently in warmer areas!”

Veronica is grown as a garden plant, but is also suitable for a pot on the terrace. Agriom’s Veronica varieties can be grown as annuals. “Due to the short cultivation time, the plants are very popular with growers in Europe, but interest is also increasing in the United States,” says Stelder. The sale of garden plants has increased due to corona and Veronica also benefits from this.

Consumers can also appreciate Veronica. The plant is hardy. Moreover, Veronica is an insect-friendly plant that attracts plenty of bees. More and more consumers are paying attention to this.

Growers interested in the Agriom range can contact Jaap Stelder: + 31 (0) 6 514 08 341,