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De Kwakel, March 2023 – How do you grow top-level delphiniums from the Dewi series? Nico Wigchert shows it to the owners and cultivation employees of nursery Mau Floral. Nico Wigchert visited the Kenyan nursery together with Jaap Stelder of Agriom in De Kwakel. Together, the two companies are developing an extensive range of Dewi varieties for different climate areas.

‘A number of the Dewi varieties we have developed are doing very well under Kenyan conditions,’ says Jaap Stelder. ‘By providing Kenyan growers with technical support at an early stage, we want to increase the quality of the product.’

The Dewi-Delphiniums from Mau Floral are marketed by Decofresh in Aalsmeer. Dewi-Delphiniums are well-known by customers; since a number of years Blooming Innovations produces Dewi-varieties of high quality.

Nico Wigchert is one of the best delphinium growers in the world. In Noordwijkerhout he owns nursery N.G. Wigchert.

Breeder Agriom in De Kwakel has been active in the breeding and selection of delphinium since 2009.