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De Kwakel, June 2022 – Nico and Maria Wigchert from nursery De Widel and André and Marianne Smaal from breeding company Agriom introduced two new Dewi delphiniums during FlowerTrials 2022. The new varieties were given the names Dewi Purple Smile and Dewi Violet Smile. Smile is a reference to the name Smaal.

Dewi Purple Smile is a variety with long stems. The well-filled spikes contain large, deep purple flowers with a dark center.

Dewi Violet Smile also has long stems. The large flowers on the dark-tinted flower stems are violet/lilac in colour.

The relationship between the owners of nursery De Widel in Noordwijkerhout and breeding company Agriom in De Kwakel goes back many years. In 2009 the two companies started with the selection and breeding of new varieties. By combining Wigchert’s cultivation knowledge and Agriom’s breeding techniques, an extensive range of Dewi varieties has been developed for different climate areas. Nico Wigchert is one of the best delphinium growers in the world. The Dewi varieties are highly sought after by flower arrangers and top stylists due to their high quality.

If you are interested in the Dewi-delphinium assortment, please contact Jaap Stelder: +31 6 51408341 /